New Locks and Keys

The new locks and keys have arrived!!! Norman Wood will be down at the rifle range for the next two Saturdays from 9am till 12 to exchange out keys and answer any membership questions. I will be down at the rifle range from 12 until 3pm for the next two Sundays to exchange keys. Please have your 2018 membership card with you so we can verify current membership. We are planning on double locking the gates for the next couple weeks until all the current members have the new keys and then getting rid of the old locks. Please reach out to any members that you know of that don’t have email addresses and spread the word about the new locks.

Spring Clean Up and Fish Stocking

Dear Club Member,

We will be having a Clean-up day on Saturday, April 14th at 9:30 AM.  We will need Members to help with the clean-up.  Please bring your racks, trimmers and any other tools that you think will be helpful to do the clean-up with.

We will be stocking the pond on April 25th between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  We need people to help put the fish into the pond.  If you are able to help it will be greatly appreciated.  The club pond will be closed April 25th thru the 27th.  We will reopen the pond on Saturday, April 28th at 8:00 AM when we will have opening day.

THERE WILL BE NO FISHING BEFORE 8:00 AM.  Remember to wear your club pin and that we have a four (4) fish per day and eight (8) fish per week limit.  Remember you must keep the trout that you catch.  This is not a catch and release pond.  Any other species of fish caught may be release back into the pond if you so wish.

Children may fish under the members badge up threw the age of fourteen but only one pole may be used at a time.