Some notes as we close out 2017

We’ve battened down for winter, and will be handling membership renewals in the next few weeks. Please remember that all current members who wish to renew at the $65/year rate, must submit their membership renewals to the new Membership Committee Chairman (Woody) before March, or you will be asked to pay the full $85 annual fee.

We are currently working to procure new keys, and will be providing them to new and returning members shortly.

We will be posting further updates here regarding the changes in the RRGC’s Executive Board from the November elections and asking folks to provide their email addresses so we can look at using email instead of forcing Dave to battle with labels in Microsoft Word.

In other news, the club voted to replace the old plywood pheasant cages with new plastic ones that should be easier to clean and maneuver around when it comes time to stock for next Fall.

– Happy Holidays

(UPDATE: We’ve gotten a soft quote for new padlocks and keys, waiting on formal quote(s) so we can pick an option and place the order. stay tuned)

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